Singing The Blues

I've been singing the blues today...but in a good way. I unboxed my latest Charlie Bear shipment. It's one of the smallest I've received in a long time, only 3 boxes, but those boxes contained some bear-illiant blue bears - Blue Moon and Streamers, plus some extras of February who managed to hitch a ride too. They will all be having their photo shoots tomorrow and then I'll be working my way down my pre-order lists. So if you have a confirmed pre-order for any of these bears, please look for an email from me in the next few days. Once pre-orders have been taken care of, all three will be available for general adoption. For more information, take a look at their listing pages (links below). Please note, if you order from the website now (without a pre-order), shipping will be delayed a few days until I know which ones have been chosen by those with a pre-order and which ones are still available from which you can choose yours.



Date 8/17/2023

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