Photo Gallery

The first few photos featured on each bear's listing page are, in the case of Charlie Bears, the stock photos. However, since the bears are hand-made, even two of the same bear can be slightly different and we firmly believe that you don’t choose a bear, a bear chooses you. For those reasons, we photograph every bear we receive and provide those "in the fur" photos to you so that if we have more than one of a particular bear available and you would like to pick a face, you may do so.

We currently have individual photos available right on the listing pages of over 200 different bears and we will be adding more over time. Where individual photos are provided on the bear's listing page, you can select the bear # you want and add it to your cart. Where we have photographed the bears but have not yet uploaded the individual photos to our store website, they can still be accessed in the Bears Against MS Photo Gallery (for a link, just click the Photo Gallery icon above). However, if using the Photo Gallery, please read the Important Things To Note below before completing check-out.

Photos in the Bears Against MS Photo Gallery are organized in folders by type (Plush, Bearhouse, Mohair, Minimo, Secret Collection) and by Year of Release (check the listing page’s Product Features to determine that). We add the photos as soon as possible after the bears are received but photographing hundreds of bears takes time and some bears are camera shy, so we may have bears whose photos haven’t been uploaded yet. Photos are initially placed in Reserved But Not Yet Allocated sub-folders so that collectors who have pre-ordered the bear can choose theirs. Then once all pre-orders have been satisfied, the photos of bears still available are moved to the general folders.

Important Things To Note:
The following information relates to use of the Bears Against MS Photo Gallery only, not to photos on a bears' website listing pages. Adding, moving or removing a photo is all done manually. Sometimes we can do it immediately after a bear is assigned to a collector but sometimes it can take us a little time and to be honest, sometimes we simply forget to do so. Therefore, the photo folders may not always be 100% accurate as to availability. So if, after viewing the photos in the Photo Gallery, you are only interested in adopting the bear if you can get a specific one, PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE CHECK-OUT AT THIS TIME. Instead, place the bear in your cart and use our Save For Later feature so that you can easily find the listing later and then also use the Contact Us link (in the left side panel) to ask us to check availability of the specific bear you’d like to adopt. Please note, once you put a bear in your cart, it is reserved for you for up to 24 hours which allows us time to confirm availability to you. Once we confirm that the specific bear you want is available, we will put that bear aside for you and let you know that you can proceed to check out.