Bears Arriving Soon

Another Charlie Bear delivery is due to arrive, probably sometime towards the end of next week. It will include new 2023 plush and mohair bears (a few shown above), as well as some new Secret Collection bears, the long-awaited Pampas (from 2021) and a couple of mohair gems from the past. See below for a complete list of the bears coming. After photographing all the bears, we will contact those on our pre-order lists. After satisfying pre-orders, in most cases we will have bears available for adoption (indicated on the list below). If you are interested in reserving one, please use the "Contact Us" link in the left side column to let us know which bears interest you. If you are on our "wish list" for an older bear that was fully reserved but which has become available, we will advise you when that bear will be available for adoption on our store website.

Charlie Bears arriving week of July 17th 2023



Date 7/12/2023

M Barker

Date 7/13/2023

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