"In The Fur" Photos

The photos shown above are just a sampling of the over 450 individual "in the fur" photos of over 50 different bears and other characters that I have recently added to their listing pages on our store website. It's been a busy past few days. With the  exception of the bears that just arrived yesterday (keep a look-out for a blog post about them soon) and just a paw-ful of other bears for which I'm still working through our pre-orders or wish lists, for all other 2022 and 2023 bears (and that includes those from the Bearhouse, Plush, Isabelle and Signature Collections), that have been released and for which we have availability, you can now see their "in the fur" photos and order the specific bear you want right on the website. I hope you'll check them out and see if one of them is calling your name. 

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