To Redeem Your Reward Points For A Free Bear:

1.  Once you are logged into your account, on your account page, find the heading titled “Rewards”. Click on “View Details” and that will show you how many reward points you have.

2.  Look in the left side panel and towards the top (just under the Bears Against MS logo) you’ll see a Search feature. Type the name of the bear you’re interested in getting and he/she should show up. Click on his/her name or photo and it will take you to that bear’s listing page.

3.  At the top right side of the page, below the bear’s price, it will tell you how many reward points you need to get the bear for free (you just pay for shipping). Assuming you have enough reward points, proceed as follows.

4.  Do NOT click “Redeem This Item for __ Reward Points” (you’ll do that later). Instead, click “Add to Cart”. This will save the bear for you for up to 24 hours while you complete the next few steps.

5.  Contact us (using the link in the left side panel) and let us know which bear you’d like to get for free and we’ll figure the shipping charge. Please note, there is no free shipping when reward points are used. Make sure to let us know if this will be a stand-alone purchase or if you intend to add another bear or bears (for which you’ll be paying) to your order.

6.  Unfortunately the website doesn’t calculate the shipping charge correctly when Reward Points are used so we’ll let you know the amount of the shipping charge and how to pay it. Note, it may be an item you’ll add to your cart with the shipping charge line showing “no charge" or if may be split in two with a portion on the shipping charge line and the balance as an item you’ll add to your cart. When we tell you the amount of the charge, we’ll also let you know which case applies. Please note, if you redeem your rewards points without first contacting us and the shipping charge is incorrect, you may receive an email from us advising you that an add-on shipping charge needs to be paid before we can ship the bear to you.

7.  Once we have advised you of the shipping charge, come back to the website and look for the shopping cart icon the top of the screen. Assuming you added the bear to your cart (in step 4) but haven’t added any additional bears, the number beside the icon should be “1”, meaning there is just one item in your cart.  Click on it to open up your shopping cart.

8.  Remove the bear from the cart by clicking the minus sign (to the right of the quantity) and then clicking “Update”. It should now say you have no items in your cart.

9.  Go back to the bear’s listing page and now click on “Redeem This Item for __ Reward Points”.

10. Look in the left side panel and click on “Customer Specific Orders”.

11. Once the page opens, click on the little red square that says “Shipping Charge”.

12. Once that page opens, look for the item titled  either “$___ (whatever amount we have told you needs to be paid) Add-On Shipping Charge” or "Your Name - Add-On Shipping Charge" (we'll tell you which one to choose) and click on "Add To Cart".

13. Look for the shopping cart icon again and now the number beside it should  say “2” as there are now two items in your cart (the bear and the add-on shipping charge). Click on that to view your shopping cart.

14. You should see the bear at a zero cost and the shipping charge either all as an item being purchased with the shipping charge line showing “free shipping” or a portion (of the total shipping charge we advised you was due) as an item being purchased and the rest on the shipping line (e.g. a total $12.50 charge may show as a “$12.50 Add-On Shipping Charge” in the ordered items section of the check-out with the shipping charge line showing “free shipping” or it may show as a “$2.50 Add-On Shipping Charge” in the ordered items section plus a $10.00 Flat Rate Shipping Charge on the Shipping Cost line of the check-out).

15. Assuming the total looks to be correct, proceed to check out using either a credit card or PayPal.