To Find A Specific Bear Or Bears Of A Particular Style:

1.    1.  Look in the left side panel and towards the top (just under the Bears Against MS logo) you’ll see a Search feature. Type the name of the bear for which you are looking and if we have him/her, he/she should show up. If the bear doesn’t appear just below the Search bar, click the magnifying glass. Note, currently all 2019-2021 bears are listed but only a few of our older bears are featured. If you are looking for an older bear and you can’t find it on the website, feel free to contact us and we’ll check if we have him/her available or not.

2.     2. If looking for a style of bear (e.g. polar bear) or a particular design feature (color, standing, tickly toes, Tyber plush, etc.), enter a descriptive word or phrase and a list of bears that meet that description will appear.

3.     3. Click on the bear’s name or photo to open up his/her listing page with all the bear’s details including detailed description, photos, reward points, layaway terms, etc.