To Create a Pre-Order List (for your records):

We keep an Excel spreadsheet for all our pre-orders but it is totally separate from the website. So if you would like a list of all the bears you have on pre-order with us, unfortunately such a list is not automatic, it will need to be manually created. Before adding a bear to your list, you should first contact us via either email, Facebook message or the “Put Me On The Waiting List” button (on the bear’s listing page) to ask to be put on our pre-order list for that bear (see the How To Pre-Order A Bear page). Once we have advised you that your pre-order request is confirmed (or that we have added you to our” wish list” if we are already fully reserved or we don’t yet know our allocation), you can proceed with the following steps.

1. Open your account page and you’ll see two headings – My Wish List and My Pre-Order List. Please note, these are the website software’s default lists but for accounting reasons having to do with the uncertainly of the bears’ delivery dates, we are unable to use the software’s pre-order feature and so the default My Pre-Order List is not used. However, you can use the My Wish List to record your pre-orders.

2. Use the Search feature to find the bear for which we confirmed a pre-order. On that bear’s listing page, under the photos, look for where it says “Add To Your Wishlist”. Click on that and a pop-up box will appear. Click “Existing List” and give the list a name. We suggest something like “Confirmed Pre-Orders”. Then click “Add To List”.

3. If you want to add another bear but this time the pre-order wasn’t confirmed by us, you are only on our “wish list”, repeat step 2 but instead of checking the “Existing List” box, check “New List” and give that list a name such as “Wish List Requests”. Then click “Add To List”.

4. As you add more bears to your lists, you will simply choose from the Existing List’s drop down menu to which list you want to add the bear. Or you can create a new list. Within reason, you can create as many different lists as you want.

5. Now go back to your account page and look for the “My Wish List” heading and you’ll see how many items (in total) are in your lists and how many different lists you have. Click “View Details” to see a summary of the lists.

6. From that summary page, click on the list name to see which bears are in that list. Note, if you subsequently adopt one of the bears, it won’t automatically be deleted from your list. You will need to do that manually.

7. By default, when you create a list, it is private, meaning you have to be logged into your account to see it. If you want others to be able to see your list (for example you may want to create a list of bears you’d like for your birthday to send to friends and family), you can make that list public. To do so, check “Public” and then “Save” and a pop-up box will appear with a link to that list that you can provide to certain people or even post on social media. However, please note, once a list has been made public, that link will always work, even if you change the list back to private. If you really want to make it private again, you’ll need to duplicate the list, give it a new name, and then delete the original list. Alternatively, another option for a public list is our Gift Registry (see the How To Create A Gift Registry page).