To Create A Gift Registry:

1.  If you want to create a list of bears that you’d like friends and family to be able to purchase for you, you can create a Gift Registry. On any page of this website, look within the burgundy block at the bottom of the page and click on “Gift Registry” and then “Create My Gift Registry”.

2.  Give the registry a name (such as “My Birthday”) and the date of the event for which the registry is being created (the registry will stay open for 90 days beyond that date).

3.  If you’d like, you can add a personal message (optional) that people who view your registry will see.

4.  Enter a password that people must enter to view your registry.

5.  Check the “Shipping Options” and/or the “New Purchase Notifications” or not, as appropriate.

6.  Click “Save My Registry”.

7.  As bears are purchased from your Gift Registry, the registry will automatically be updated so you won’t have two people buying you the same bear.

8.  Once you’ve created the Gift Registry, go to the listing page of any bear you want to add to the registry and look under the photos for where it says “Add To Registry” and click on that.

9.  Repeat step 8 for any other bears you want to add.

10. Now if you go to your account page, under the My Gift Registry heading, you’ll see a list of any registries you’ve created.

11. Click on “View Details” and you’ll see information about the registry. Please note, there appears to be a software error (that’s I've reported to the development team but who knows how long they will take to fix it) that reverses the quantities shown for Products and Purchases. However, if you click on “View Product List”, you’ll see all the bears in your registry and the correct information as to whether the bear has been purchased for you or is still wanted by you.

12. Please note, adding a bear do your registry does not hold the bear for you. So it is possible that a bear that was available when you added it to your registry won't still be available when someone views your registry at a later date. In such a case, the bear will still be listed in the registry but it will say "Not Available".

13. Return to the “View Details” page and you can enter the email addresses of those to whom you want to send your Gift Registry. You can preview the email before sending it but it will basically say “I’ve started a gift registry at Bears Against MS…here’s the url (with a link provided)…here’s the password”. Once you have added the email addresses, click “Send Email”.