"In the fur" photos available for over 90 2023 bears

The Charlie Bears shown above are just a few of the over 90 different 2023 bears (and other characters) who now have their individual "in the fur" photos available for viewing right on their listing pages here on the Bears Against MS store website. This includes 18 different Secret Collection bears. Plush, PLUMO, mohair and/or alpaca, large (24.5") to small (7") and every size in between, every color imaginable, there is sure to be at least one that will tug at your heart strings. Links are provided at the bottom of this post to the different 2023 Collection pages where the bears are listed in alphabetical order. By the bear's name and stock photo, if it says "Select Options" (rather than "Add To Cart") it means that if you open the listing page, you'll find "in the fur" photos and you can then order the specific bear you want.

A note about pre-orders - There are a number of people to whom I had sent emails about their pre-orders for some of the bears whose photos are now available for viewing (as referenced above) who never responded. If you believe you were on my pre-order list for one of the bears who is now shown as available for general adoption, please check your spam folder for that email from me or email me at [email protected]
I am still working my way down my pre-order lists for 8 bears who recently arrived (namely Rachael, Sakura, Storm Chaser, Tea Party, Twilight, Vanilla Pudding, Yarg and Dormouse) and my wish list for White Rabbit but hope to get those all taken care of in the next few days. Once that is done, I will upload photos of those bears still available to their listing pages.
Now here's the links I mentioned.
2023 Plush Collection

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