To Pay An Add-On Shipping Charge:

There are a few difference scenarios where you may be required to pay an Add-On Shipping Charge - if a bear would, based on it's price, have free shipping but it is extra heavy or extra large and there is an Oversized Item Notice on the bear's listing page saying that a shipping charge may apply, when you have requested a specific shipping carrier or class of service resulting in a higher shipping cost than that for how we intended to ship your bear(s), you are redeeming your Reward Points to get the bear for free or if you are an overseas customer so our flat rate shipping or free shipping don't apply.  In these cases, we will advise you of the amount required to be paid as an Add-On Shipping Charge. Then you should proceed as follows.

1. In the left side panel, click on Customer Specific Orders. This will take you to the Customer Specific Orders page.
2. Click on the red square that says “Shipping Charge”. This will take you to the Add-On Shipping Charge page.
3. Scroll through the items listed until you find the one titled either “$____ (whatever amount we have told you is due) Add-On Shipping Charge” or "Your Name - Add-On Shipping Charge". We'll let you know which one to choose.
5. Add that item to your cart and either continue with whatever instructions you were following before coming to this page or if this is a stand-alone order, proceed to check-out.
6. Please note, when you check-out, the charge will show as an ordered item; it will not be listed on the shipping charge line.