Some of the bears that arrived at the end of 2023

We closed out 2023 with multiple Charlie Bears deliveries. Combine that with some personal issues with which I was dealing and I'm sorry to say that I got way behind in photographing the bears and updating our website. However, I'm gradually catching up and wanted to give everyone an update. Pictured above are just some of the bears that arrived at the end of last year. Please see the list below for a complete list and information on both availability (all either are currently available or will be once pre-orders are satisfied) and current status. If you had a pre-order for one of these Charlie Bears, keep your eyes open (including checking your spam folder) for an email from me. If you didn't place a pre-order but are interested in adopting one of the bears, please note that while you can do so on the website as soon as photos are available, shipping may be delayed a few days until we know which individual bears have been chosen by those with a pre-order and which are still available and from which you can choose.

Charlie Bear Deliveries End of 2023  

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